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A Companion to Michele Tagliaferri's 'Grass'


During 2016 Temple and Dalpine have partnered to start a cycle of exhibitions that, taking a number of publications as a starting point, bring the works of various photographers to Temple Gallery. 

A Companion to… is the series of publications that accompany each of the exhibitions with the aim of offering new perspectives on the works presented.

A Companion to Michele Tagliaferri’s ‘Grass’ widens the scope of his project offering a new series of images not included in the the book and excerpts of texts by Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass and Jorge Luis Borges’ Otro poema de los dones, poems that have been a considerable source of inspiration for Tagliaferri to achieve his photographic work.

Dalpine/Temple, 2016
28 pages
21 x 26,5 cm
Edition of 200 copies

Take a look at Grass here