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Óscar Monzón

Óscar Monzón (Málaga, Spain – 1981) lives and works in Madrid.
He is a member of BlankPaper collective from its foundation date in 2003, and from that year he develops different projects.
He has been awarded a Visual Arts and Photography grant from the Spanish Ministry of Culture to work at Colegio de España in Paris (France), a grant from Fundación Temas de Arte, has been selected for Descubrimientos PHE and was finalist at the First Book Award 2013.
Óscar Monzón’s work has been exhibited at Carmen de la Guerra gallery, El Escaparate de San Pedro, Conde Duque and Antigua Tabacalera, all in Madrid, and has taken part in the Iberoamerican itinerant exhibitions E-CO and Laberinto de Miradas.
In 2013 he publishes his first photobook, KARMA (RVB Books/Dalpine).