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Federico Clavarino

Federico Clavarino was born in Turin, Italy, in 1984, where he studied literature and creative writing at Alessandro Baricco’s Scuola Holden. He then moved to Madrid in 2007 and started studying documentary photography at BlankPaper Escuela.

The Castle (Dalpine, 2016) is Clavarino’s fourth photobook, after La Vertigine (Fiesta Ediciones, 2010), Ukraina Passport (Fiesta Ediciones, 2011) and Italia o Italia (Akina Books, 2014).

He defines his work as “originating from problems regarding location in space (vertigo, as in La Vertigine) and in time (nostalgia, as in Ukraina Pasport)". He finds shelter in the Imaginary, shaping it through photography in an effort of reconstruction of the world, starting from meaningful fragments of it in order to make it inhabitable. There is no evident context, reality transcends and recreates itself through the sum of the images, through the relations that are established between them.

07/2017 - Arles 2017: Blank Paper: Stories of the Immediate Present / British Journal of Photography

04/2016 - 'The Castle' / Xataka Foto