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¿Y a esta rata quién la mata?


Fredy, Asgar, Benito and Agustín are part of a building crew of Atlético de Madrid fans. One day, they receive a call to carry out a job that will shake their ties and disrupt their harmony: they want to hire them to knock down the Vicente Calderón stadium. This triggers an internal debate among the ‘colchoneros’, one that will put their friendship, work and honour on the line. Ultimately, necessity outweighs all other factors, so they decide to take the job. That being said, they certainly know how to bid farewell to the Calderón… with a secret kickabout.

¿Y a esta rata quién la mata? [Whose tough row is this to hoe?] is the second instalment of the series ‘¿Es usted quien creo que es?’ ['Are you who I think you are?'] by Manuela Llorente, in which she formulates a story to honour Madrid’s construction workers and the iconic Vicente Calderon stadium. Once again, she does so by interweaving images of everyday life in her city with a new cast of fictional characters, literature and film dialogues.

ISBN 978-84-09-40007-2
Dalpine, 2022
Photographs: Manuela Lorente
Concept: Héctor López Gamero & Manuela Lorente
Design: Jaime Narváez
Prepress: Taller Digigráfico
Texts: Pedro Colao León & Manuela Lorente
21 x 29.7 cm
120 pages
Language: Spanish

Shortlisted for PhotoEspaña Best Book of the Year Award 2023


El Adelantado

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