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EXTASIS, second book by photographer Óscar Monzón, stands as a continuation of his analysis of technology and advertising, shifting his attention to the phenomenon of mass tourism. The proposal brings together a collection of landscapes made in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world: the Iguazú Falls, in Brazil and Argentina, which are crossed by diagonal lines suggesting the striking of these images while the object that interferes in the framing is progressively unveiled: the selfie-sticks of the tourists who visit this enclave and that complete the crossing out -X sign- of the landscapes we observe.

Through such mechanism Monzón creates a graphic synthesis that illustrates our gradual abandonment of reality, relegating the scenarios and experiences that it offers us to mere consumption objects mediated by digital technology and therefore also susceptible to be devoured and discarded in favor of the world of the images. Relying on a risky editorial design, the author strives to point out disappointment or disillusion as one of the main consequences derived from consumption and from the substitution of the world by the simulacrum of the images.

ISBN 978-84-697-3838-2
Dalpine, 2017
Photographs: Óscar Monzón
Design: Eloi Gimeno
Prepress: La Troupe
64 pages + 1 postcard
29,7 x 21 cm


Babelia - El País

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