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Él pone la música, nosotros bailamos


Él pone la música, nosotros bailamos [He Plays the Music, We Dance] tells the story of a heist carried out by a family of small-time criminals and their circle of endearing crooks. A tip-off takes them all the way to Galicia in pursuit of their juiciest target so far: a large shipment of luxurious French antiques.

As if it were a photographic one-act farce, Manuela Lorente creates a Spanish adaptation of the classic caper story, woven from images of everyday life in Madrid, an eclectic cast of characters, literature and film dialogues.

Manuela Lorente (Madrid, 1991) graduated in Architecture and went on to study an International Master’s Degree in Photography and Project Management at Efti. She is devoted to storytelling by means of documentary photography. Her stories combine reality and fiction against the backdrop of Spanish popular culture, personal relationships and the tradition and identity of the city of Madrid. It is the photographs that subsequently inspire the stories, with eccentricity and picaresque as common threads.

ISBN 978-84-09-31869-8
Dalpine, 2021
Photographs: Manuela Lorente
Concept: Héctor López Gamero & Manuela Lorente
Design: Jaime Narváez
Prepress: Taller Digigráfico
Texts: Pedro Colao León & Manuela Lorente
21 x 29.7 cm
200 pages
Language: Spanish


El País — Manuela Lorente, la fotógrafa de lo que ya no existe

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