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The Eden was described in the biblical narration as a magic and charmed place, a lustful garden where the first man was born. That man, as he couldn’t resist the temptation, tasted the fruit of sin and he was dropped out from that place of wonders and perfection. 

Thousand of years have passed since that story was written down, but it looks like humans haven’t healed from that ancient hurt yet. Still today we constantly try with anguish and fatigue to get back to the heaven on earth we have lost.

That’s why the dreams and ambitions of the humans continuously go towards this ideal of wellness and perfection, so ambiguous as unrealizable. We desire a perfect body. A perfect love and perfect family. A house and a garden perfectly cared. But every time we try to build around us our little personal paradise we constantly fall down, faced to the enormous and miserable course of life. 

What is left, outside of the Eden gardens, is the world inhabited by a finite, unresolved and sometimes painful reality. The images of eden show this reality: the only one we can know. They invite us to discover the delight behind the defect, the beauty behind the imperfection.  They make us enjoy what we have and often we let it slip away, distracted following the desire of an imaginary idyl. With them we abandon the illusions, the false expectations of existence and we meet life, as it is and as it will always be. Nadie sabe que todo está acá.

ISBN 978-84-608-9312-7
Fiebre, 2016
Design: Eloi Gimeno
Pre-press: La Troupe
33 x 21 cm
80 pages


L'Oeil de la Photographie

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