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Como la casa mía


Como la casa mía [Like My Own House] portrays the encounter between Xirou Xiao and photographer Laura C. Vela, two young women from different cultures who live in the same city and share the same desire: to find their place and create a home.

The book is a drift towards the inner self of the protagonist, a Chinese migrant. For three and a half years, Laura accompanies Xirou in her search for a way of being in the world, hence creating an identity in constant adjustment. Acknowledgement of a new context, receptiveness and serenity become the pillars of the personal search and intercultural friendship that they establish together―a refuge they would like to expand, thus building the universal from the particular.

Laura C. Vela studied Plastic Arts and Design in Photography at Arte 10 School and Philosophy at UCM. She also earned a Master’s Degree in Development of Art Projects from Blank Paper School and graduated in Chinese Studies from ICEI. Her work focuses on issues such as identity, uprooting and our relationship with the urban environment. She has held solo and group exhibitions both in Spain and internationally. She was awarded the Blank Paper Scholarship in 2016 and selected as an artist for Plat(t)form - Fotomuseum Winterthur in 2018. Como la casa mía (Dalpine, 2019) is her first book.

ISBN 978-84-09-10557-1
Dalpine, 2019
Editing: Laura C. Vela & Gonzalo Golpe
Design: underbau
Prepress: Eduardo Nave
Texts: Xirou Xiao, Minke Wang, Laura C. Vela
Translation: Deirdre B. Jerry
16,2 x 23,5 cm
176 pages
Spanish/English Bilingual Edition

Shortlisted for PhotoEspaña Best Book of the Year Award 2020


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¡Ah! Magazine
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