Una confusión colosal

Alberto Feijóo

We often wonder if it is better to accept defeat or fight at any price. Due to the scarce opportunities and the idea of having nothing to lose we are almost forced to take a trip. There are many characters that come to meet us and act as alleged authoritative voices. At first we sit and listen attentively, we try to apply those standard formulas to our way of working, we even come to believe ourselves original, unique ...

... after a while everything fades away.

Now I understand Roger Caillois when he said that he envied stones for their duration, for their hardness, for their intransigence and also for their brilliance. Stones that witness the changes, that observe impassive without waiting for death, allowing sand, water or wind to slide on its surface.

In an improvised way, the objects take over the space, dominating the landscape, giving us clues about the life of the inhabitants that roam the territory. A devastated landscape where only the most intelligent are able to survive rationing in a very efficient way their resources and weaving a good network of contacts, which allow you to continue climbing positions with a thumb. In this online game, the higher and fortified you build your tower, the safer you will be and the more chances you will have to protect yourself and survive. Along the path the traps are presented as opportunities. Illusions and allegories appear before your eyes and can cause blindness or an excessive attachment for what you do.

The storm moves forward, narrows its circle and makes us all focus on the same point, where competition increases and aggression too. At this point I will say that the most important thing is not to survive at all costs but to find a place to fit in, ideal to be able to rest and question your ideas.

An intruder seems to have crossed our path. Praising our achievements, it seems that he intends to "collaborate" on something that supposedly benefits both of us.

Una confusión colosal (A colossal confusion) is a visual essay that can be understood as a state of mind that refers to a generalized sensation in front of a complex, fragile and decadent world.

ISBN: 978-84-09-02376-9
Cuaderno de la Kursala nº 65, Univ. de Cádiz
Design: Diego Lara
84 pages
First edition of 800 copies