In The Cage: Visualising the Housing Dysfunction, the housing crisis is explored through the construction and interrogation of an eclectic archive composed of visual materials from official and unofficial archives, public and private collections as well as community and online sources.

The Cage
 encapsulates the work around four conceptual areas: Living Costs and Standards of Housing, Privatisation and Home Ownership, Tenant Identity, and Homelessness. 

This publication is a result from an experimental workshop with Spanish artist Julian Baron, IC-Visual Lab, and twelve workshop participants. The workshop delivered in collaboration with: People’s Republic of Stokes Croft; Acción Cultural Española (AC/E); The University of West of England, and Arts Council England. 

First Edition Bristol, May 2018
Images and Design: Emma Iris-Hill, Alastair Myers, object…, Tom Cullimore, Tom Roche, Alejandro Acín, Matthew Gonzalez Noda, Robert Ruszczyk, Renia Maj, Julian Barón, Colin Pantall & Stephen Monger.
110 pages 
210 x 297 mm
Original screen-printed envelopes
Edition of 100

All the profit generated with this publication will be donated to ACORN Bristol, a tenants’ union, to carry on their activities in Bristol (UK).

More info about the workshop and public intervention here