Man Jayen

Cristina de Middel

Cristina de Middel was invited by the Archive of Modern Conflict (AMC) to develop a work related to this photographic archive, which includes images ever published or displayed, almost in the "suburbs" of photography. The project for AMC completes the story of a crew that in 1911, just before the First World War, brought together scientists from different specialties, English and German, in the common goal of reaching the island of Jan Mayen, situated between Greenland and Iceland. However they never took land. The story of a failure aroused the interest of the artist.
This project transforms in satire the absurdity of the story of a frustrated navigation, and addresses issues such as the imperfection and failure. De Middel's photography has no rules and presents fictional scenes through a lens based on the reality of her photographs.


ISBN 978-84-8081-473-7
Museo Universidad de Navarra, 2015
Design: Xavier Fernández Fuentes
102 pages
22,5 x 15 cm
Language: English/Spanish