La identidad

Uxío da Vila

What do we show about ourselves to others? What does the observer perceive? What do we hide, what do we suggest, what do we distort? La identidad [The identity] reflects on the dichotomy between the intimate self and the social self, of the self as the builder of a mutable reality and sometimes not reliable at all.

As in a gallery of mirrors where the reflection depends on the interpretation of the observer, La identidad uses different planes and depths in landscapes and facades that reveal certain aspects and hide others.

The intervention with papers arises from this exhibition and concealment game. The paper is an added veil with different levels of transparency that allows to see the image it covers to a lesser or greater extent. There are also elements of distraction, family photographs, portraits and still lifes. All these pieces build an artifact that in turn hides the search for the author's own identity which even revealing aspects of autobiographical character, questions the authorship of his own photos in a nth twist to the concept.

The format of the book itself is also an interpretation of the identity of what is seen. A simple cardboard box contains eight unbound booklets that each one is free to keep in the order they are or to alter them. In this way, the manipulation of the book makes the reader-observer participate in intervening as many times as he wants in the identity of the work he holds in his hands.

ISBN 978-84-09-08510-1
Photographs: Uxío de Vila
Art direction:  Uxío da Vila & Miriam Pérez
Text: Diego S. Garrocho
Design: Laura Eguiluz
Pre-press: Artes Gráficas Palermo
Printing: Artes Gráficas Palermo
Limited edition of 500 numbered copies