Fast Asleep

Paco Mesa & Lola Marazuela

Fast Asleep (deeply asleep) is a photographic device organised about images of people asleep in cars that may remind of cosmonauts, frozen corpses, bodies preserved in formaldehyde, aquariums in which, as well as fishes, food and excrements float, insects trapped in amber, ghosts, drowned bodies, sick people in the ICU, ecstasy, levitating saints, a cheese glass dome... Each sleeper alternates with a picture of different subject, which turns the encounter of the two components into a semi-abstract plate. Many of these pictures are animals that mediate between the world of wake and sleep, between human and a wild world, conscience and unconsciousness.

The set is presented as loose plates, unbound sheets, folded in half and put together one on top of the other. While leafing through it, “cadavres exquises” are made up of two half-pictures that refer directly to the metamorphic nature of dreams and the somewhat unctuous mechanism of creation and transformation of images. The "countdown" in the inside of the folder-book starts a metaphorical takeoff.

The "reader" is free to mix the sheets as she pleases, upholstering a room with the photos, as well as adding or removing images. Future parts may grow on the basis of this first edition.

ISBN 978-84-09-07296-5
Paco Mesa & Lola Marazuela, 2019
Concept & editing: Paco Mesa & Lola Marazuela
Design: Jaime Narváez
Softcover folder
104 pages
22 x 28,5 cm
Edition of 400 copies