El corazón

Pascual Arnal

El Corazón (2020) is a visual artwork about tales and other initiatory stories, where the ability of words to generate images is explored. It analyzes how, through symbolic representation, new spaces for reflection and awareness of what surrounds us are opened. Gestures, forms, scenes and landscapes are transformed into tools of resolution and adaptability to the universal conflicts inherent in existence.

In this book of photographs, Pascual Arnal reflects on visual archetypes, on the classic references of universal tales, on the construction of imaginaries. And he does it from the present, with a series of 65 images sought (and found) in the landscapes, in the streets, looking at and analyzing the human behaviors derived from such actions. The volume is made up of a series of chapters that only provide a compiling title for the subsequent images, chronological aspects of the classic storylines.

ISBN 978-84-120320-3-1
La Documental, 2020
Leatherette hardcover with stamping 
132 pages
65 color plates
24 x 31 cm
Language: Spanish/English/Valencià
Edition of 250 copies