One of South Africa’s master photographers, David Goldblatt goes over his carreer, his country, his productions, and his books, in a conversation with Baptiste Lignel.
From the early days as an editorial photo- grapher for local magazines in the 50s to his international reconnaissance as a major author and analyst of the complexities of his home country.

An in-depth exploration of his work with an insight into his own defining references.

PHOTOGRAPHERS' REFERENCES is a book collection of in-depth interviews with established photographers.

Each conversation held over an extended period of time exposes a photographer's thought processes and provides insight into their pratice, mapping out personnal references and influences that have contributed to shape their distinctive visual language.

ISBN 978-2-9543839-1-0
Photographer's References, 2014
Photographs by David Goldblatt
Text by David Goldblatt, Baptiste Lignel (English)
Design by Baptiste Lignel
176 pages including gatefold, and two foldout covers 
29 illustrations
11 x 22 cm
Edition of 300 copies

David Goldblatt - David Goldblatt - Dalpine
David Goldblatt - David Goldblatt - Dalpine