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Podria Haberse Evitado


Hidden in the mountain, a man is watching. A tragedy is unfolding before his eyes. He attentively observes the individuals who are discreetly yet inconspicuously moving around the territory and records all the information. The investigator does not know yet what he is consigning; he’s still missing elements to complete the whole picture, get a sense of what is actually going on at his feet, but he does not want to miss anything. He does not need to move to grasp the whole scene; from his position, everything is available to his gaze: men walking around in open spaces, traffic, transit; men waiting, hideaways and hideouts, furtive conversations, notices and deliveries; open land where no one ever goes, houses under construction, crime scenes; crossroads, cars with open doors, ways to escape. 

When suspicion emerges, when trust has been shaken, anything becomes suspicious, forever. From there, the world can no longer be seen through innocent eyes.  

Dalpine/Temple galerie et éditions, 2015
Design: Pierre Hourquet
Saddle stitch binding
44 pages
29,7 x 21 cm
Text: Luis López Navarro
Translation: Frédérique Destribats
Languages: Spanish/English/French
Edition of 200 copies