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In Agosto, following in the wake of his previous book, A Swimming Pool, Michele Tagliaferri delights in repetition. Here, the constant evocation of summers in his Tuscan hometown stirs up a bittersweet feeling of longing. The child who was able to enjoy every moment of every summer as if it were unique, special, becomes an adult in need of more who seeks the beauty and intensity of those moments spent at the beach.

The days go by with their routines, as do the years with their summers. Images of a city bathed in the evening sun are shown alongside scenes of intimate family life and the memory of days by the sea. The photographs persistently seek a glimmer, a small crack of discontent through which to propel oneself and build a bridge between the past and the future.

ISBN 978-84-09-57307-3
Dalpine, 2024
92 pages
29 x 17 cm
Design: Antonio Xoubanova
Text by Leonardo Tagliaferri