Julian Baron

Trained in Industrial Engineering, he has worked as quality and engineering manager in a road marking company. He currently devotes his time to photography as director of BlankPaper Escuela Online. In November 2011 he published his first photobook C.E.N.S.U.R.A., a work that reflects on politics and politicians in our time. The photobook has been selected as one of the ten best photobooks of 2011 by Photoeye for Photobook Prize Award of Kassel in Germany and Honorable Mention for the best first book of the year in ParisPhoto Photobook Award 2012. In June 2013 he self-published HUMINT, a industrial espionage dossier made for a Chinesse company of tiles, about the new tendencies in an international fair of tiles in Spain. In April 2014, as part of the exhibition 1 +1 = 12, Encuentros de fotografía contemporánea", he created with Jon Cazenave HORIZON, an exhibition where the space becomes a research laboratory. In June 2014 he presented his latest work, TAUROMAQUIA, a work that resignify existing images, thinking over the spectacle of our time where we are meddleling in.