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Julia Mejnertsen

In her work, Julia Mejnertsen (b. 1983) explores family mythologies. Through her practice, she unravels the intricate stories and narratives that shape our familial connections, revealing the profound impact they have on our identities and perceptions of self. Julia’s exploration of family mythologies is sometimes a journey that starts from self-discovery and introspection, inviting viewers to reflect on their own family experiences and the profound human connections that define us all. Through her work, she exposes the falsehoods, paradoxes, and oppressive nature of learned narratives, while employing visual storytelling to subvert and critique their enduring power.

Julia’s ideas challenge conventional norms and ignite crucial conversations about race, identity, and power dynamics. With each photographic project, she invites viewers to reevaluate their understanding of history by reminding us that the way we see is a function of our individual condition.