La forma del Estado Límite Último [The Form of the Ultimate Limit State] is a publication in which the drawings of shapes created from the laws of effort overlap the images of collapsed bridges. Thus, we can visualize the moment before the catastrophe. The visual forms created from the calculations that condition the design of the structures act as gestures of rehabilitation of those bridges - more ideal than physical - and, like flowers on a tombstone, allow us to look at failure in another way.

Miriam Fernández Lara is an engineer and multidisciplinary artist. Her practice revolves around the concepts of space and time, reflecting on the process and approaching knowledge by questioning the two facets from which she works, art and science.

ISBN 978-84-09-17083-8
Texts: Miriam Fernández Lara, Iván del Rey de la Torre
Graphic design: Jaime Narváez (La Troupe)
Pre-press: La Troupe Lab
Printed by Artes Gráficas Palermo
Softcover, Wire-O
166 pages
20 x 14 cm
Limited edition of 75 copies