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Roc Herms - <YO><YO><YO>
Roc Herms - <YO><YO><YO>Roc Herms - <YO><YO><YO>Roc Herms - <YO><YO><YO>Roc Herms - <YO><YO><YO>Roc Herms - <YO><YO><YO>Roc Herms - <YO><YO><YO>Roc Herms - <YO><YO><YO>Roc Herms - <YO><YO><YO>Roc Herms - <YO><YO><YO>

< YO >< YO >< YO >

In recent years the city of Valencia has been posting the so-called Campus Party. In this type of social-cultural gatherings, thousands of young adults—software developers, lovers of digital works and robots, hackers and defenders of free software, gamers and simulation fanatics, ciber-apostles and modding artists—come together to exchange archives and share their experiences, living for a week connected to each other.

For these super-users —digital natives that make computer technology a way of life and who are often classified as the new urban tribe of the geeks— computers are much more than just a device for work, they are an extension of their identity and the digital ecosystem where they decide to live.

< YO >< YO >< YO > Sets out a journey from the plug into the computer, with the intention of portraying this kind of super-user along the way.

ISBN: 978-84-697-2049-3
Programmed by Roc Herms
Designed with Eloi Gimeno
Selfpublished, 2015
96 pages
577 photographs
34 x 23 cm



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