Linde by Ignacio Navas | en


"I’m drawn to normality, to closeness. To all those things we are tired of seeing. They are sincere, bare, unadorned. They allow us to clearly identify the things we have in common, feelings of defeat or boredom, happiness or affection – our most honest impulses. The world is composed by these little stories, they are the really important stuff, away from the crowded events that we seldom understand.
While I was studying photography in Madrid, I found this normality in the city’s peripheral neighbourhoods, in the people who live in them and also in their reverberant environment. Finally I have decided to self-publish a zine in order to conclude this several year photographic project."
Ignacio Navas
Self-published zine, 2012
Digital printing
Staple bound
54 pages B&W
16x22 cm
Design: Paloma Ávila
Production: Pulse Comunicación
Edition of 100 copies, numbered