Este Seu Olhar by Maíra Soares | en


Este Seu Olhar (This Look of Yours) is a photographic essay created from photographs taken by the author's father of her mother during their honeymoon. Maíra Soares found these images after her mother’s death, 35 years after being taken, and she got the feeling like she was looking at another person.
As Maíra explains, the purpose of this body of work is to reveal her mother by visiting her past through the eyes of her father. Her intention is to discover her mother's world and feelings during this period of her life, while inserting herself into the memories of her father. 
ISBN 978-84-615967-6-8
Co-edition: Maíra Soares, Siete de un golpe and underbau, 2012
Graphic design: underbau
Production and coordination: Siete de un golpe
Pre-press: Víctor Garrido
Edition of 500, all numbered