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Contains 3 Books - Jason Fulford
Contains 3 Books - Jason FulfordContains 3 Books - Jason FulfordContains 3 Books - Jason Fulford


Jason Fulford: Contains 3 Books is a silver foil-stamped box that, appropriately enough, contains three books by photographer Jason Fulford (born 1973): Mild Moderate Severe ProfoundI Am Napoleon and &&. The culmination of three years and 15 countries’ worth of travel around the world undertaken by Fulford as a Guggenheim Fellow, the photographs in these three volumes receive Fulford’s trademark elliptical, evocative sequencing, interspersed with texts that alternately explain and confound. 
I Am Napoleon begins with a prefatory note that can be taken as emblematic of the project as a whole: “I think any book or picture or composition of any sort, once out into the world, so to say, produces a different effect on each person who seriously tries to follow it. I certainly do not think that the author of it has any monopoly on its interpretation.”

ISBN 9789081058476
The Soon Institute, 2016
Edited by Lorenzo de Rita
Slipcase + 3 vols. + card
216 pages
88 color photographs
5.25 x 7.25 in.